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Our Firm charges (1.1) Fees, (1.2) Office disbursements and (1.3) Costs paid to third parties.

1.1. Fees: The Firm’s fees will be determined by us on the basis specified in any Engagement letter or as otherwise agreed with the client. They are exclusive of VAT.

1.2. Office disbursements: The Firm’s office disbursements are specified in our Engagement letter. They are exclusive of VAT.

1.3. Costs paid to third parties: There may be costs the Firm needs to pay to third parties such as lawyers abroad, travel, bailiffs, courts, etc. These costs are transferred to the client at cost price.


The Firm’s and its lawyers liability, if any, is exclusively determined by Belgian law and limited to the amount paid out under the Firm’s liability insurance. If for whatever reason no payment is made under the liability insurance, liability is limited to twice the amount paid in fees with a maximum of 250.000 €. The client and the firm may at all time terminate the instruction. They will make certain that this does not occur at any untimely or damage causing moment. The firm will terminate its instruction amongst others when: - a request for payment is not honoured, - there is a breach of trust in the relation with the client. The firm is not responsible for faults, errors or omissions committed by other or previous service providers or lawyers.


Opinions given are Privileged and Confidential and copyright is retained by the Firm. Work effectuated or opinions given are for the client, its legal representatives and no other. It may not be stored, transferred or used by any other person of for any other purpose then the matter the firm has been instructed on.


All our activities are exclusively determined by Belgian law. In case of conflict the Courts of Antwerp have exclusive jurisdiction.

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